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Going Wild

– Shweta´s very first album in 1990 and Hindi Lambada in 1991 released at a time when there was no music channels, no MTV,Channel V, etc.Till 1992 happened and Shweta was discovered at the Independence Rock concert singing Scorpion´s Still Loving You, which impressed a few A&R managers who were on the look out for some fresh talents for their new record label.

She signed the contract the next week and that was the beginning of a wonderful, long and fruitful musical journey. The pop icon of the 90`s for more than a decade went on to sell above 13 million film/private album/compilation copies world-wide. She´s now made Hamburg, Germany her second home.
Shweta had the right launch pad with Biddu, who´s music she loved, especially Tina Charles´s Love to Love and Karl Douglas´s Kung Fu Fighting. Johnny Joker went on to become the highest selling pop album in 1993 and was in every count down for more than 25 weeks and made her the darling of the nation.

Shweta´s song Rukhmani with A.R.Rahman from the film Roja followed shortly in 1994 creating musical history and is rated as the 10 best soundtracks ever made by the Times Magazine. Her classics like Rukhmani Rukhmani, Johnny Joker, Deewane Tho Deewane Hain and Mangtha Hain Kya are still remembered.

In Europe Shweta had the great honour of working together with one of the finest voices in the world, Sarah Brightman. She also had the opportunity to work with some very talented names in the international music scene like Frank Peterson, Gregorian and Jam and Spoon.